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Mobile brake repairs

Brake safety is extremely important. As a mobile brake specialist on the Gold Coast we can ensure your vehicles brakes are working perfectly. We come to you with our fully equiped workshop van to a location convenient to you. Some key points to tell if your brakes need inspection and/or repair: They sound different. If your brakes squeal, scrape or

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Toyota Hiace clutch

Today in Miami I had a 2004 Toyota Hiace clutch replacement to carry out. These commercial vans get a heavy workout, this particular vehicle is loaded up constantly for its tradie owner. So it was no surprise that the clutch finally started to slip, this van had done a lot of KM. The replacement of the clutch is quite a

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Hyundai Getz engine mounts

Engine mounts play a very important role in your vehicle. They hold the engine and gearbox in place and insulate the vibrations from your engine away from the vehicles body. Engine mounts come in many different styles but all carry out the same role. Some are hydraulic while the majority are rubber bushed. If they tear, split, collapse or are

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Toyota 1HZ cracked head

The Toyota landcrusier with a 1HZ engine can be a reliable workhorse.  But they do not like being over heated.  This Landcruiser in Parkwood which I have to repair this week had been overheated due to a leaking radiator.  A common fault with the 1HZ engine is the cylinder head cracking between the valves with overheated.  Also cracking between the

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Positive afternoon working on an Isuzu

Great client, who has his Isuzu truck serviced on time every time and it shows, over half a million kilometres and still running perfectly! Perfect example of how a good maintenance schedule can provide stress free driving. This Isuzu has many more years and thousands of KM of life left in it thanks to the quality servicing.