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Engine oil – how often does it need changing?

You may of heard it before, but it can’t be stressed enough: oil is the lifeblood of your car. Despite this, most car owners overlook this important component. It is just something to be checked at the usual logbook service interval. Unfortunately, by the time this has come around, your engine’s oil may no longer be doing an adequate job.

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Logbook Servicing Gold Coast

Logbook Servicing Gold Coast Certified Automotive are qualified in all aspects of Logbook Servicing. Transcription: Hi there, I’m Jamie from Certified Automotive Mobile Mechanics. We’re based in the Gold Coast and we have fully equipped vans, mobile work shops that come to you to service your car at your work, your home, or at your location.


Diesel fuel filter

The diesel fuel filter is a very important part of the fuel system. This is even more true with the advances in diesel fuel system technology. With todays modern diesels with common rail, high pressure fuel pumps, fine tolerance injectors the fuel filters role becomes even more critical. The main pic is of a Toyota Hiace D4D engines fuel filter.

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Booking websites

A new trend has appeared in the automotive world – Third Party Booking websites. These big companies have been around for awhile now in the accommodation sector and can be helpful. But – are they actually a good thing? Or are you paying for something you aren’t aware of? I have some insight into how these websites work. This may

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CV joint replacement

Today was the humble Hyundai Getz. The client complained of a clicking noise when turning. This was quickly diagnosed as a worn CV joint (constant velocity joint). These ‘joints’ are part of the drive shaft which transfers the driving force from the gearbox to the wheels. CV joints allows drive to the wheels while allow the suspension to move freely

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Engine oil flush treatments

Engine oil flush treatments are a common item in servicing modern cars.  With many vehicles needing high quality oils and with services schedules being stretched out further oil flush treatments are becoming more necessary. The oil flush is an additive which is added to the old engine oil and the vehicles is run with, prior to changing the oil. This

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New car warranties FAQs

These FAQ’s are provided as an information aid to assist in dispelling the myths surrounding new car servicing and manufacturers warranties. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) also provide guidance on their website. Question: A Dealer told me I’ll void my warranty if you service my car, is that right? FACT: There is NO requirement to service your car

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Log Book Servicing

When you purchase a new car log book servicing will be a requirement. The log book contains all the service requirements particular to your vehicle.  With all the specifications set down by the vehicle manufacturer. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in order for a car’s warranty to remain intact, motor vehicle dealers are allowed to insist that

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